Top 5 Myths Regarding Home Security

There are many myths floating about regarding home security. Unfortunately for us, many people believe what they are told without further investigation, thus being deprived of proper home security. If some unforeseen event happens, the homeowners are left bewildered at what just happened. Having a home security systems installed in your house is beneficial but these myths are making it difficult to realize those benefits.

If you look at it from our perspective, it sounds ridiculous. Your trusted pet dog can protect you from harm but it’s after all a living, breathing animal. It needs to sleep. Suppose it is “sleeping on the job” and a burglar sneaks in; it would be unfortunate, wouldn’t it? If they is awake, they might bark and alert you but the burglar might shoot and injure or kill your dog.

While neighborhood crime watches do work out in some cases, they are not always that effective. The members of the crime watch may not always be the best of gunmen. A planned burglary may leave the crime watch useless as the burglars would be aware of where each member of the watch is and how to enter and escape using their blind spots.

Homeowner’s insurance may give you the impression that your assets are safe and you don’t need to worry. But the crux of the matter is that filing and following up for insurance is not that easy. Ask anyone who has been through this ordeal and they will tell how difficult a job it is.

This can’t be further from the truth. Today’s IoT enables systems and even the basic home security systems come equipped with immediate response mechanisms. The systems are programmed to make the call to the fire systems company from whom you purchased the system, and they would contact the police. All this happens in a matter of seconds as soon as the alarm is tripped. IoT is much faster as it contacts the police and even emergency services, depending on the incident. This makes home systems a necessity for your home’s security. Even if the burglar cuts the phone line, it won’t make a difference. The police will know about the incident and also arrive on time.

This is the biggest myth of all. Not all burglaries happen in “the hood”. They can happen anywhere as the world is not free of crime. Just because you live in a nice and cozy suburban neighborhood, doesn’t mean that your house might not get broken into even if you have systems in place or burglar bars added to your windows and doors.

One can’t help but remember “The Purge” movies, especially the first one, whenever home security is involved. You don’t need to have that kind of security system installed, obviously (unless your neighborhood is REALLY bad).