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How water damage affects your Houston home

Unfortunately, water damage in Houston, TX is commonplace; weather isn’t always on your side and you can’t predict what happens in the event that your home takes water damage. You’ll need to know what to do when the time comes. What tools will you need to restore your home?

First, you must assess the problem in your house before making phone calls or budgeting for repairs. It’s important to know what needs to be done before calling in a company and emptying your wallet. If it’s garage door repairs that you need, call the professionals.

How do you know there is a problem?
You can’t rely on obvious signs to implicate this in your home; severity of a storm isn’t a certainty whether or not your home has received damage, so an immediate search for signs is important. Even a passing storm can hit electronics or telephone polls and cut your cable or phone line.

Make sure to look outside and inside your home for possible solutions. Of course, check your phone for a dial tone or mobile phone for signal.

However, please take safety precautions before you assess the total.

Safety is important!
Make sure you’ve taken precaution of possible slip and fall incidents, as water is very slippery; obvious signs in a home can come from flooding, so please take precaution.

Electrical hazards are also possible. Don’t touch anything plugged in until a professional arrives and can do it for you. Don’t turn on anything or use any kitchen appliances.

Wet materials can be extremely heavy, even as furniture goes; don’t lift anything if you can get hurt. Clean out excess water by mopping or removing excess rugs that may have been damaged. If a ceiling is sagging in a room, stay out of that room altogether! You don’t want to cause harm to yourself in the process.

Will insurance cover the damage?
If you own your home, insurance will likely cover; renters will have to speak to their landlords or homeowners. Calling a lawyer isn’t necessary in the case of a storm as it likely effects others.

Why having a custom home builder in Austin is the way to go



A good way to look at hiring a custom home builder is that it is very similar to creating a new life. Both are serious projects, affecting both your financial and physical health. Both can change your lifestyle, can be proud of or in the worst case scenario, be embarrassed by. Don’t forget about modular homes.

There are plenty of them, from the man with a truck, willing to work for peanuts, to the licensed professional who has years of experience,can provide you with financial documentation, and is willing to give you current references that you can check out for yourself.

When you live in a hot humid climate you require a contractor who is familiar with the types of building and home remodeling issues that you might encounter in such a climate. Unlike building in a colder climate,a hotter climate allows for a project to be completed quicker , due to less weather interference.

You really should do your research when you hire any workman. Checking their company out on BBB, making sure they are licensed and carry liability insurance. That they have completed similar jobs before, and the homeowners were left satisfied with the results.

A good rule of thumb is to personally interview at least three builders, comparing price, abilities, and job completion satisfaction. You need to know what your money will provide you. If the money you spend will cover the whole project or is there “wiggle room” for the builder to add extras to the signed contract, to a certain agreed percentage.

A whole house remodeling or starting from the foundation are two different kinds of building projects. Builders provide the prospective consumer an overview of what services they provide. They are able to do any luxury custom home build and are able to totally remodel your older home to a more modern one, that you are happy to live in with your family.

To change what you are used to, is sometimes a hard sell for some people. Even if it is a change for the better, for the greater comfort in your property. There will always be those homeowners who are resistant to change. A company that overtly attempts to change these people’s minds is faced with difficulty. A better tactic is for the reluctant homeowner to see examples of renovations in his neighborhood, and compare how their neighbors houses look to their own shabbier ones.