What To Look For In Your Home In Raleigh If You Have Water Damage

~~When you have water damage in Raleigh, it can be devastating to the structure of your home, your belongings, and your life in general. If your home sustains this type of problem, it is important to take certain steps to prevent further situations.

Turn the Master Switch Off
If it has started in your home was due to a burst pipe or a broken water heater, you should turn off the water to the home immediately.

Turn the Power Off
If you have significant flooding in your home, you should turn the power off for your own safety. If you cannot get to the electrical box without standing in a puddle of water, you should contact an electrician to help. If the problem created only puddles, it is not necessary to turn off the power.

Access the Damage
If you have flood insurance, it is important to access the damage, and photograph it so that you have the necessary documentation for the insurance company. The more documentation you have to show, the more money you will receive for your claim.

Remove Standing Stuff
If possible, you should remove any standing stuff. The longer it is allowed to sit, the more secondary issues will arise and it will cost substantially more with inaction not being covered by insurance. For small amounts of water, you can use a shop vac. In the case of serious flooding, you may need to call a professional to pump the liquid out.

Clean Up Debris
After a flood, mud can be left behind. You will need to call pressure washing raleigh. Mud can contain dangerous toxins. You should clean any mud from the home by spraying it with clean it. You should also check to see if there is mud in the air ducts. If the mud dries in the ducts, it can cause serious health issues for your family.

Check for Mold
This cause mold to develop. These can be very dangerous to your health. Mold can be visible, or it can grow in crawl spaces, between the walls, in the air ducts, and in the rafters. If you notice a musty, earthy smell, chances are you have a mold problem. For mold that you cannot see, you will need to call a professional to rid your home of this problem.

If you begin feeling ill, you may be having a reaction to the mold, caused by the problems. You should see a doctor and call a professional to inspect for mold if you:
1. Have difficulty breathing.
2. Have a hacking cough.
3. Begin getting headaches.
4. Have nosebleeds.
5. Have eye irritation.

Restoration can solve many of your problems. The sooner you get it taken care of, the less it will cause.

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